The 4th StudentsxCEOs Summit 2015

The 4th StudentsxCEOs Summit 2015

StudentsxCEOs Summit 2015 is annual event of StudentsxCEOs. CEOs presenting in one place to share knowledge from his experience for the public. Held in four major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. This event is also a platform for students to build networks and earn skills through various provided workshops. Through this event, we intend to create a business event that shapes Indonesia’s top selected students to be future busness leaders through knowledge exchanges, capacity building and networking opportunities.

Im join in Public Relation team Yogyakarta Chapter with goal in this project is to get Media Patnership and Marketing this event.

The difficulties in this event is to find 100 participants less than 2 weeks. so my team use some strategy to bring awareness like personal approachmen, partnership with other community, make same quiz get free tickets, and many more. Finally we get more than 150 participants and more than 10 media partnership.

CEO who attend and as a speaker in StudentsxCEOs Summit 2015 is like Wempy Dyotca Koto ( CEO of Wardour and Oxford ), Jimly Asshiddiqie (1st Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia ), and many others. in Yogyakarta our speaker is Herry Zudianto ( Mayor of Yogyakarta 2001-2011 & CEO of Margaria Group), Bambang Setiawan ( President Director of PT. Bank BPD DIY ), and many others.


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April 15, 2017