Hi, It’s Reezky Pradata.

With a passion in branding and marketing, he continuously seek for opportunities to develop himself professionally in both fields. Reezky is often described as a highly creative, resourceful, and clear-driven individual, with a sense of aesthetic to complement his skills as a communication professional. His greatest dreams is to create a e-creative agency and e-media brand for Indonesia & Global and also co-workinc & coffeeshop His life motto is as “HISTORY MAKER”

Personal Project

I have shared some of my personal project to you in this section


Encyclopedia site about animal in Indonesian language


Digital product design agency based Yogyakarta.


Web magazine covering high quality tech, gadgets, design, art and photography.

Monolium Store

Selling everyday products in the technology, design and lifestyle space.

Free Stock Photo

Free stock photos released under CC0 license. All photos taken by myself.

Design Work

I share selected design work on my Behance profile. I share selected design work to give you an inspiration.


I share my portfolio and project in some field that i work or created. I do with Love & Do It With Passion!


  • Marketing Communication
  • Web Design
  • UI / UX Design
  • Brand Design
  • Creative Direction


Markplus Inc, Marketeers, AIA Insurance,  Bank Indonesia, Ekspedisi Nusantara Jaya, Sambel Setan Yu Tini, Soto Semarang, Mie dan Nasi Goreng Racik Desa, Gubooks Community, Joecandra.com, Balairungklass Alumni Center, StudentsxCEOs, and many more.


I’m always interested in working on new projects. Hire me if you would like to work together

My latest article

Keseruan Travelling dan Jelajah Nusantara

Bicara soal liburan, pastinya ini menjadi hal yang ditunggu-tunggu setiap orang. Tak terkecuali aku, aku sendiri merupakan salah seorang yang gemar liburan. Banyak sekali destinasi yang udah pernah ku kunjungi, mulai dari gunung, pulau, dan berbagai bentuk destinasi...