Reezky Pradata Sanjaya S.I.P

Founder and Site Owner of Hewanpedia

Founder of Cafeworkinc Creative

About me

Reezky Pradata Sanjaya is a graduate of Communication Science in Universitas Gadjah Mada. With passion in branding and marketing, he continues to seek opportunities to develop himself professionally in both fields. Reezky is often described as a highly creative, knowledgeable, and clearly-driven individual, with aesthetic sense to complement his skills as a professional communication. His greatest dreams is to create an e-creative agency and e-media brand for Indonesia & Global and also Co-workinc Space & Coffeeshop.

  • Self Awareness 80%
  • Communication 90%
  • Team Work 85%
  • Leadership 85%


I have learned some languages to have a better communication to others

  • Bahasa 95%
  • Java 80%
  • English 55%
  • Thai 10%

Technology skills

I have learned some technology skills to complete me in digital era

  • Adobe Photoshop 85%
  • Corel Draw 75%
  • WordPress 70%
  • Adobe Premiere 75%
  • Html5 45%
  • Microsoft Office 70%


Some experiences i work for some project, corporation, or organization as a professional

Director System Development

Balairungklass Alumni Center

Jan 2016 – Present

Bklassace is a new non-profit organization. I join this NGO for the period of 2016-2017. Back in 2016, I was in charge of its visual design. During the time, I developed the branding and design of Bklassace. Meanwhile in 2017, I was appointed as the director system development, responsible for making a better system of Bklassace in order to be as good as of prominent NGOs such as Karyasalemba4, AIESEC, and YCAB. In achieving that particular goal, I initiated a project called as “BklassAce 2.0” and became the Project Leader of it. For more information, please look into my project LinkedIn.

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer (CMCO)


April 2016 – Present

A Chief Marketing and Communications Officer (CMCO) is a corporate executive responsible for marketing and communication activities in an organization. our mission in develop brand of StudentsxCEOs to the best organization to best organization in Yogyakarta.

This Division get award for the best division of the month in StudentsxCEOs Yogyakarta in August 2016.

Freelance Assistant

Markplus Inc. & Marketeers, Yogyakarta branch office

Feb 2014 – April 2016

My job here is to become a freelancer assistant in Markplus Inc. & Marketeers, Yogyakarta branch office. From this job I get much experience in marketing, communication, negotiation, client assistant, training administration, and various other things. Apart from that I also get various connections with some CEOs, corporations, and government.

Marketing Team Officer

Hanum Rais Management

Sept 2015 – Nov 2015

Develop brand strategy and reaching awareness about a Hanum Rais Management (HRM) project, Movie “Bulan Terbelah Di Langit Amerika”. My focus on build digital content marketing and art direction.


here is some award or achievement that i get in several years.

Winner KKN Video Competition Gadjah Mada Universty

Jan 2017

2’nd Position BCA XFest Video Competition 2016

Des 2016

Awards for Dedication in Rote Island

Augst 2016

Most Valuable Customer

Des 2016

Gold ( TVC Suara Merdeka ) on Caraka Festival 2014

Des 2014

Runner up 3 Klaten Tourism Ambassador

Sept 2015


here’s my education timeline

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Strategic Concentration, Communication Studies 2013 2018

SMAN 2 Klaten

Social Science 2010 – 2013


here’s my organization experiences timeline

Balairungklass Alumni Center

as Director of System Development 2017 Present


as Head of division Multimedia 2014 – 2015


Chief Marketing & Communications 2016 – present


as Vice Minister of The Creative Fields of Media and Information Ministry 2015 – 2016


Chief Communications 2015 – 2016

Campus Marketeers Club

as member 2014 – 2015


Member 2013 – 2015

Balairungklass Association

as head of multimedia division 2014 – 2015

My Interest field

here’s some my interesting field i work on

Branding & Design

I love minimalism, elegant, and simple design and branding.

Media and Publication

sharing and learning with media its daily foodlife.

Webiste Development

in digital age, webiste its a digital book that should be development


art speaks where words cant explain


interior its a part of life. i like design interior cause its make better feeling.

Public Speaking

share knowladge, expreriences, and tips with interesting delivery.

Video & Photography

capturing every moment in a photo and video to make it everlasting


marketing its a art of bussiness


iam a coffee enthusiast. my daily cup for more productive. ‘uhuy’ its my tagline.

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