In this project, I was the Project Leader to make web design and development I was responsible for setting the goals and the development of the system. This version introduces a new digital system for the organization. I call the project ‘Bklassace 2.0’. This new digital version of Bklassace organization provides a website integrating all media used by Bklassace.

We also developed new features such as :

  1. E-Donate
    With E-donation, donors will be easier in donating money. The system is still manual ( not connected with bank ) but the security system and ease guaranteed because that system connected between donors and responsible person.
  2. E-Scholarship Registration
    One of BklassAce main program is to give a scholarship to Bklasser. To make it more easy to collect data and regristation I make form registratation that direct to responsible person in Scholarship selection.
  3. E-Registration Committee
    BklassAce also have a program to bridge between BklassAce and Balairungklass Association. BklassAce make an event to that who have committee collaboration BklassAce and Bklass. to make it simple to regristation we use E-Registration form.
  4. Merchandise Shop
    Merchandise shop is a system to by merchandise by a website. this function also to showoff our merchandise in Bklassace’s website. this system is like an E-form. but I’m still try to develop this system to be an E-commerce system.
  5. E-mail notification.
    When there’s a new post, update, or announcement, system on BklassAce’s webiste will help to blast in our mail member account. it will help that information will direct read by member.
  6. Write Website
    Members in this website can also write a new article and publish it into the website. its more better easy than before.
  7. New template in member BklassAce
    For more better information in every member, I make it more better looks and give more bio in member page.

Difficulties that I found to finish this project is a new level from BklassAce webiste before. In Website BklassAce before that system so still low and the design is not really good. So I must make it start from begining and must think a new system that will be complited the mission. Actually the main mission in this project is bklasser in various place of the world to get information and gain relationship. NGO like YCAB,, and many things. So finnally i re-build this website to more better. combine a many sytem and give a design with theme pure gold to looks more elegant and simple. after launching, we found many bugs in website. finnally after few days I and my friend fix it and ready to access for everyone.

I hope this project can keep serving its aim as a means to record and circulate information among Bklass members across Indonesia and the world. Official creative partner in this project is Axalia Creative, a new start-up specializing in the development of digital branding. you can visit it on