Project background

LCFXpro was co-founded by Surya Teja and April Lam in 2018. They decided to build a forex business to provide a truly professional service to all levels of trader.


Web Design, UX Design, Illustrations, Icons



Reezky Pradata 

We are really lucky to have found Reezky, he’s super patient and responsive and that’s all we need. The website took less than 2 weeks to complete and immediately showed significant visit and sales increase with a fresh look and user-friendly interface. Reezky also gave us some insights on web design trends, backend integration and goes extra miles to help us look up information we need. This is the 5th websites I manage and is the most seamless one. I would highly recommend Reezky’s service to anyone who do not want any hassle working with web developers!

April Lam

Co Founder & CEO of LCFXPro

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