Here’s some Quotes that I make or love. Wish you get new power when read it.


Never make excuses, as there are always many solutions for that excuses. Reezky Pradata

Low expectition and hard working. than you’ll get surprise. Reezky Pradata

People who are able to do small things with the maximum, efficient, and consistent will be able to realize goals and beyond it. Reezky Pradata

One of the key success is consistency with learn to growth. Reezky Pradata

Your limitations is the greatest power to realize your dreams. So don’t be afraid with limitations that you have. Reezky Pradata

Pressure with passion is great for you

Reezky Pradata

You will not be able to understand someone if you continue to see it as ‘othersArfiant Refo

Our main job in the office will be the second job after doing the hobby. This is us, Millenials.

Reezky Pradata