Every good kitchen will make it easier for us to create good food so that these food are easy to make and taste good quality. Likewise, when selling stock photos, videos, vectors, or audio on Microstock sites, you need an easy kitchen to manage the stock that will be sell. It’s all in one and integrated. 

So when i was start to selling stock photos, i build my library system to make it easy to do all process selling in Microstock sites. With this system i can easy manage all metadata and process step by step. Cause i believe the core of the selling stock in Microstock is the our library it’s self, not the Microstock. Many Microstock will going up and down even the biggest one, but we can easy distribute all our stock for many Microstock if our library system is good.

Inside the Microstock Libary

For this reason, this time tell me secrets what inside my library for selling stock photos. Starting from:


Metadata Libary

A place to record all stock photo metadata before submitting it to the market. Its functions range from seeing how many variations of our stock photos are, speeding up similar stock if there are similarities, knowing how far our process is, and many others. I always separate the metadata for each stock, the footage itself, and the vector.


Microstocker Inspiration

This part functions to record any Microstockers around the world that can make us feeling inspired. I always list in my library. When i got stuck, i will get easy to find inspiration for opening this part. 


Stock list

After get inspired from master Microstock and get new idea for what i shoot next, i always make that idea into this part. This part will write things to prepare, what angle that i will shoot, who’s model, and any factor for next shoot.  


Master keyword

Master keyword will be useful for many varition of type of stock. it’s work like when you have new stock, you will use 10 best keywords for the stock. Where can i get best keyword ? i use extra tools for that.


Distribution and Process Tables

Distribution and process tables to ascertain where the stock progress and have been distributed to any microstock.

I will share the access to you

Now for my friends who want to have access to all the secrets of my Microstock database library, I can share to your email to access it. Only with $9 with international payment or Rp. 130.000,- Rp. 99.500,- with Indonesian payment. No need to subscribe but just one time payment you will get :


Invitation access to view my libary in Spreadsheets and Notions


Lifetime access with one time payment


Lifetime update in almost everyday!


Access to all my metadata variatiton for more 1000+ and 50+ masterkeyword to make you easier and faster to copy paste stock that same object with me. 


Access to my 100+ list best Microstocker and my next shootlist plan to make you keep inspired


Access to distribution table & process to see how i sell accross Microstock step by step

How it works ?

See Buying Process

For International Payment

  1. Buy with Gumroad below
  2. I will invite you from email that you use in Gumroad to my Spreadsheet and Notion less than 24 hours

For Indonesian Payment 

  1. Transfer ke nomer rekening yang tertulis pada formulir dibawah
  2. Isi formulir dan upload bukti transfer
  3. Kurang dari 24 jam akan ada email invitation untuk masuk di google spreadsheet

International Payment ($)

Indonesian Payment (Rupiah)

Indonesia Manual Form Payment

1 Step 1

I think that’s all, if you want to visit my Shutterstock portfolio you can click the button below and if you want to see little bit of the inside in my library and how much that i get from selling my stock i leave images below.  

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