Project Category: Design

Logo & Branding Gubooks Community

Gubooks is one of the community that move the social field with a mission to liberate reading anywhere. These community often bring books to be reading material in public places or special events. Not infrequently Gubooks also initiate to raise funds and books for social events. Reezky was appointed as the new Gubooks partner since early 2017 to create logo and other branding purposes such as Roll banners and business cards. Reezky gives a touch of blue with a logo that combines the three elements of books, homes, and conversations in the letter ‘oo’ in the logo ‘gubooks’...

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Logo & Branding Sambel Setan Yu Tini

Sambel Satan Yu Tini is one of the food stalls in the Jakarta, Indonesia which is famous for its spicy food. Yu Tini was established in 2017 in the Depok area of south Jakarta. Currently Yu Tini has more than 200 customers every day in less than half a month and plans to develop branches in several other areas of Jakarta. The idea of Logo Brand Sambel Setan Yu Tini made by Reezky Pradata. Reezky gives a touch of bright red color to show the spicy sensation Sambel Satan Yu Tini. In addition, given the following accents yellow and...

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